Memory Mapped GPIO, has the addressing changed?

I am having similar issues with the memory mapping. Be sure to post, if you find a solution. Still searching…

In Linux world you are not forced to upgrade to the newest release of
OS just to ensure uninterrupted flow of cash. Install 3.2 kernel,
which is still actively maintained and updated and use you "old dog's"
tricks. If you want to stay on the bleeding edge expect to have to
learn something new every now and then.


Yes, as I said… “Disappointing but I guess not unexpected.

At this point I don’t see much to learn beyond lots of things don’t work yet, so I’ll let the bigger brains sort some of it out before I go forward. I don’t have the familiarity or expertise to help to much in that arena. I’ll have to crack some books on Device Tree I guess because my pouting aside, It’s going to have to be dealt with.

Device tree mechanism is quite interesting and it's good to learn to
use it early, so you will have a transition to the new line of
kernels. You can get a stack of books (once they will be printed), but
for me good starting points were
and source files for cape firmwares from the new kernel. After you get
the feeling how DT works, you can read about details on
Unfortunately thorough documentation of all new features lags behind
the development and in such cases the best documentation is usually
the source code.


Thanks for the links! That first one is very helpful to get started.