Mentor and student actions for GSoC 2015

Actions for potential mentors for GSoC 2015,


  1. add yourself onto the mentors list on the ideas page at
  2. register yourself on Google’s Melange tool at
  3. request a connection to at
  4. review queries on this list ( and reply to any related to a topic that has your interest
  5. join the IRC chat (
  6. attend the weekly IRC meetings on #beagle-gsoc at noon US Eastern time every Wednesday

Note: I may contact you off-line if I’m not very familiar with your mentoring or even if I am to further screen you before we begin to rank and approve proposals.

(If you aren’t interested in mentoring this year, please remove yourself from the ideas page.)


  1. suggest what you will propose and raise any questions on a new thread on this list (
  2. join the IRC chat (http://bbgsocchat) and ask for potential mentors to review your posts and give suggestions
  3. submit your application to Google’s Melange tool ( prior to the Friday, March 27 deadline noting that there are NO exceptions for late submissions!


This is what I got from Google-y manager:

I thought melange was deprecated for this year…