Mentorship for GSoC 2014

Actions for potential mentors for GSoC 2014,


  1. register yourself at
  2. request a connection to at
  3. if you aren’t responding to traffic at!managemembers/beagleboard-gsoc, please start reviewing the queries from potential students to make sure there are proposals you actually want to mentor

Note: I may contact you off-line if I’m not very familiar with your mentoring or even if I am to further screen you before we begin to rank and approve proposals.

(If you aren’t interested in mentoring this year, please remove yourself from the ideas page.)


Please I will like to get actions for GSoC participants who need mentors. Thanks.

I would like to get mentoring on one of my previous projects using Beaglebone Black. I am currently a B.Tech graduate and would like to upgrade my project. In my B.Tech main project I was successfully able to read PPM signals from RC Receiver and send PWM signal to motor using 2 PRU’s of beaglebone black so as to get real-time values and the Quadcopter was manually flew by me using 6 channel Radio Controller. But this time I would like to make it Autonomous so that it fly by itself. I used the flight stability mechanism used by Ardupilot. I am looking for a mentor in this area, preferably someone who has experience in making Autonomous UAV’s. My previous project was “Quadcopter using Beaglebone Black as flight controller” the source code can be found here → . I am also looking for prospective contributor to my project who has previous experience in designing efficient Electronic circuits.


I am an ECE student from NIT durgapur and would like to work on a BeagleBone project for GSoC 2015. I have prior experience in working with BB Black, during mu summer inter at IIT Guwahati. I have built an autonomous bot that can communicate with other bots and perform a task. I had worked with the PWM, ADC and PRU modules. Please guide me on how to proceed for GSoc.
Thank you.

Please defer from reposting on multiple threads. It tends to be annoying.

I would recommend that you take a look at the list of projects from the GSoC ideas page and see what fits better with your interests, join IRC and talk to mentors.


Sounds somewhat reasonable. Please start a new thread and cc some of
the BeaglePilot mentors.