Messing with bootloaders

In the process of getting my BBB working with an EW-7811Un wifi adapter, I was told that 3.8 kernels have a problem with the Realtek driver. I was told to use at least 3.14 and build an image from here: Doing that caused U-Boot to complain with “** Invalid partition 2 **” and then dump me back to the U-Boot prompt. Googling on this led me to this: The suggested fix is to boot something from and then do “sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk01” and try again. Now when I boot the BBB without an SD card, I get the letter ‘C’ repeated every half a second. Did I just blow away the MMC bootloader? Why would blowing away the MMC bootloader cause that “Invalid partition 2” message?

That command erased the emmc, which had an old bootloader installed.

By default the emmc is loaded first, which tried to load the microSD. Which has a newer forward looking boot setup. Thus the old bootloader got confused.

There is a compatibility flag for ‘’ to deal with the old bootloader if you use it. For the ‘netinstall’ it’s a more pain in the ass, so I just require it.




Is there a “new bootloader” somewhere out there with which I can replace the old bootloader?

Any of the flasher images from here: