micro - sd card

Hi everybody,

is a BBB able to address a 16GB micro SD-card?

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Are you referring to using a micro SD-card as a boot device? I use a 32Gb micro SD-card, and 64Gb on a BBAI…
If you use a 64Gb or greater card, then you’ll need to format it as an exFat drive.



I have a BBB running Debian 10.3 on a 32GB SD-Card.

The answers is that the BeagleBone can address the entire 16GB micro-SD card.
I have used cards up to 128 GB in size.

if you installed the OS image on the card for either direct use, or for writing to the EMMC, then the partition size has been set to 4 GB, and you can not see the rest of the card.
To restore access to the entire card, do the following incantation:

cd /opt/scripts/tools/
git pull
sudo ./grow_partition.sh
sudo reboot

On the next reboot, [df -h] should show the full microSD card size.

— Graham

Why? The AM3358 SoC doesn't understand exFAT… nor does U-Boot at last check.

I agree with Stuart.

Windows has a limit of 32 GB using the FAT file system, but LINUX does not.
The limit for Windows is something that Microsoft put into Windows to encourage users to migrate to NTFS.
The FAT32 file system on LINUX is good for 2 TeraBytes (or more), with an individual file size limit of 4 GB.

So as long as you are not trying to use Windows, there is no problem going somewhat above 32 GB.

— Graham

Interesting… didn't know it was a Windows-only limit. I'll keep that in
mind for trolling Microsoft fanboys: hand them 64GB+ USB sticks/SD cards
that are formatted FAT32. :slight_smile: