Microchip MSS configuration files for V-fire?


Microchip provides (some) resources for direct bare-metal programming of their MPFS025T. As far as I understood it, part of the Bare-Metal-Toolchain is the PolarFire SoC MSS Configurator where pins can be assigned to functions (aka multiplexing). As for the BeagleV the pins are already hardwired to some peripherals, my question:

Is there a ready-to-use MSS-configuration for the BeagleV available somewhere where one can start working with?

From my understanding the MCC-configurator makes sense only when somebody designs its own hardware, as the BeagleV is already done, this is already fixed.


A starting point MSS config file can be found in the gateware for the BeagleV-Fire, (gateware/sources/MSS_Configuration). Some options you would not want to change. For example, you would not likely want to change the DDR memory configuration. Others you might, depending on your application e.g. clock speeds, the L2 cache configuration, and some of the peripherals. Note that a lot of IO is actually routed to the pins via the FPGA fabric, and this is handled through Libero.

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