Microchip v4l2 Drivers

Does anyone know how much of the Microchip video IP has Linux drivers?

I see what looks like a driver for MIPI CSI2 (drivers/media/platform/microchip/microchip-csi2dc.c), but it appears to be for the SAMA7G5x rather than their FPGA IP. I don’t see anything for the frame record logic (“DDR Write IP” from the Microchip catalog) or most of the other IP blocks under “Solutions-Video”.

Pointers to any existing, working examples using Microchip video IP for a MIPI camera input would also be welcome. I haven’t yet found anything with both FPGA logic and working Linux drivers.

I think the relevant drivers for this reference design GitHub - polarfire-soc/polarfire-soc-video-kit-reference-design: PolarFire SoC Video Kit Libero reference design are part of the PolarFire-SoC Yocto build system: GitHub - polarfire-soc/meta-polarfire-soc-yocto-bsp: PolarFire SoC yocto Board Support Package but I must admit I know very little about it.

Thanks! It looks like there might be some drivers available based on the config snippet: meta-polarfire-soc-yocto-bsp/meta-polarfire-soc-bsp/recipes-kernel/linux/files/mpfs-video-kit/mpfs-v4l2.cfg at master · polarfire-soc/meta-polarfire-soc-yocto-bsp · GitHub

…now to dig through the Yocto layers and figure out where they’re pulling the kernel source from and crawl through the code.