Micron DDR2 on craneboard like board


we are currently in a new round of prototypes for our custom AM35x boards based on the Craneboard Layout.

We used Micron DDR2 (2 x 128 MB, 166MHz, the same as craneboard)
part no.:

MT47H64M16HR-25E:G IT

in older revisions, which worked fine.

Because of the EOL of the part we had to switch to its successor

MT47H64M16HR-25E:H IT

in the current board revision.

We noticed a lot unexplainable of random crashes and memory corruption with this part. Adjusting the timings to slower values didn't help, neither did adjustments to the on board resistors. The datasheets mention no changes besides a reduced power consumption.

We then manually replaced the ICs with :G revision parts and suddenly it worked again.

So my question is: Has someone successfully used the :H revision of this DDR2 line and could share some insight on neccessary schematic tweaks or configuration changes?