Microphone In


I would like to pick up a Beagle board but have had only one
reluctance. The application I'd like to prototype will require the
ability to record from an attached microphone. It appears that only
line-level in is provided. In the schematics I do see Mic related
connections to the codec that appear unused.

What is the best way to connect a simple mic? I'm not opposed to
adding or removing a few simple passives to do this (sacrificing line-
in is ok too). Can/should I use the unconnected mic signals on the
codec? Somehow bias the mic then just feed to line-in (not exactly
sure how to do that)? If the unused mic signals are the best choice,
will there be driver changes required to record from that source?

Quick-n-dirty is good, this is just a proof-of concept; however, I do
need the recording quality to be decent.

Thanks in advance,

No, you cannot use the floating mic pins on board.

I don't know if you can get Line-in to mic converters,

but I was thinking if you can connect mic to a externally powered
amplified speaker (as input) then connect out put of speaker to line
in, it should work.