microSD/eMMC not working with linux 4.18+

Using the kernels shipped with Debian, since linux 4.18 the
beagleboard-x15 no longer recognizes microSD or eMMC.

Reverting to the earlier 4.17.x kernels "fixes" it, but Debian buster
will be released with 4.19.x, and it would be a shame for it to not work
out of the box.

the omap_hsmmc module loads fine, but doesn't detect anything, and
doesn't leave any obvious error or warnings in the logs.

Are there any changes to the needed regulators or some soft module
dependency in newer kernel versions that might need to be updated in the
kernel config? Other ideas?


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See below.


One correction here. This is a new board that I am working on, not the current build of the X15. We are using the AM5728. We are having some issues with it on the uSD card. Not sure about eMMC because we have not gotten that far. We are getting a kernel panic in that case.

I am not sure which version of Debian this is, I need to check.



TI's transiting from the custom omap_hsmmc module to one built off the
SDHCI library. (main advantage is common library, split voltage, etc)


Based on what's going on in ti's git tree, this will be extended to
older devices..


split 3.3/1.8 i/o domain?


Maybe I am trying to check that now, backtracking back to the original design. This area was not changed, but it has been a while.

That was it, thanks!

Enabled in the the Debian kernel packaging for the next upload:


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