MicroSD with 4GB

Hi guys,

I just bought a BeagleBone (white) with 4GB MicroSD card, however I found the space is just only 70.4 MB with some BeagleBone supporting documents. I have contacted the customer service from the SparkFun, they suggested me to ask more technique problem to BeagleBone. They told me it is not the problem of SD card. But it is only 70.4 MB even after I formatting it. So I can not write any .img into the BeagleBone due to the limited space. Anyone can help me out? Thanks a lot!


That is the FAT partition. The Linux partition is the rest of the card and cannot be read by a Windows PC. There is nothing wrong with the card. The image writer we suggest using can read the whole card and write over it. You may have to reformat the card with HP Formatter tool as indicated in the instructions.

Follow the instructions on the support Wiki http://circuitco.com/support/index.php?title=BeagleBone#Image_Files


There are instructions and scripts for formatting your own uSD card at beaglebone.org

Search this lit if need be.