MIDI on Beagle?

Hi all -

Has anything been done with MIDI on a Beagle Board? Is there a driver
for an off-the-shelf USB MIDI interface? If not, could one be feasibly

I've been dreaming of crafting a sample-playback synthesizer using the
Beagle Board, but my experience with MIDI on Linux, let alone
platforms like the Beagle Board, is nil. Is this a non-starter?



I have used USB Midi under ubuntu, both a music keyboard and a usb-midi adapter to control a mixing board. I had no problems using either. They showed up as a midi device automatically.

That sounds promising - was this on Beagle, or a different machine?

No, it was an x86, but from what I can gather, as long as the driver isn’t binary, any linux arm with USB host capabilities will support it.