MIKROBUS uart issue

Dear All,
Just i have started to work with beaglePlay board and i want to use MIKROBUS uart(uart5) .
i am facing issue with this and it is not working, So any one can help me to solve this
by sharing example code. or any other type

shailesh parashar

I have a similar issue, did you find a fix?

I build an image from yocto kirkstone. The kernel boot log shows:
2850000.serial: ttyS3 at MMIO 0x2850000 (irq = 30, base_baud = 3000000) is a 8250 main_uart5: serial@2850000 { …
serial serial0: tty port ttyS3 registered

But there is no /dev/ttyS3 node, and there is no /proc/irq/30 node.

What is missing?