Minecraft on beaglebone black


I installed minecraft on beaglebone black but it was too damn slow. I figured out that the BBB doesn’t have the graphics capability required to run minecraft. But when as in the raspberry pi the minecraftpi runs very smoothly.

I want to know what is the exact reason why it can run on raspberry pi but not on BBB. Also, is there any external graphic hardware component that can be added to BBB in order to increase the graphics capability?

Last but not least, What is the version of GPU in BBB and how does that effect when we are installing games on it? Which GPU version is compatible to run minecraft on BBB?

Thank you!

RPi has an integrated video accelerator. BeagleBone Black does not. The chip in the RPi was designed as a set top box processor, the same as used in the Roku…


Thanks for the reply.

So is there any way to run minecraft on beaglebone black with the help of additional graphic accelerator or a cape?

If not can you name the games which can smoothly run on beaglebone black?


A cape won’t help. As to the games, I will defer to the community to chime in on that.


That’d be great help but should I just post this topic in software section?


The Beaglebone black has a built on SGX ( PowerVR? ) GPU on it. But this is the one and only area where the rPI is better than the Beaglebone Black. For everything else except graphics intensive stuff, the Beaglebone black is better.

Neither one of these were intended to be used as you’re wanting to use them. Be glad you’re lucky enough to get what you want out of the rPI.

Thanks for the response.

Asking the question over and over isnt going to change things.

Is there any way to run Minecraft on a Beaglebone xM?

Unmodified, or by attaching a GPU of some sort? Are you looking for
something that is genuinely playable, or only that "it works"?

I think that I’ll have to settle for something that “just works” because I do not have an external GPU and would be trying to run it directly on my Beagleboard xM. (Is there any way to run Pi-Edition on it? its free…)