minimal kernel v3.8


I need to compile a minimal kernel v3.8 for BBB. With instructions from RCN the kernel builds with the final size of 5.5M for zImage and 32M for modules. I need to reduce this size but yet don’t want to lose any capes support. Can anybody suggest how to reduce it? Looking into defconfig drives me crazy because it seems that anything could be enabled was enabled statically or dynamically.

Hi Maxim, I’m no expert in kernel build, just sharing my own experience.

Thank you Jeronimo! I will check the folders of modules

Hi, I know I'm some days late with this but
you can also take a look at ttylinux kernel for
beaglebone. The kernel is small but larger than
his; it is in the ttylinux-beagle_bone-2014.10.tar.bz2