Minimum PC specs fro BBB drivers

Is there a minimum PC requirements to install BONE_DRV.exe?

I’m trying to use an old laptop which sits in the corner of my workshop to run some test code on a BBB. The laptop is a TE2000, 1GHz with 512M ram, maybe not enough resources?

I have tried several times, the drivers seem to install correctly but then it tries to restart and I get the blue screen of death and must use the power switch to shut down.

When the computer restarts I can see the serial port on com16 and the terminal program is happy to open it but there is no comms and the terminal eventually crashes, trying to remove the 4 drivers from the control panel results in the bottom 2 driver not uninstalling.

More if needed.

And a bit more OS is Win XP.

An interesting thing: both the usbser and the net drivers do not show any size on the control panel, the other 2 are 0.15MB each
On my working PC (also XP) usbser and the net drivers show up as 393MB each and the other 2 are 0.15MB each.

This is in spite of the fact that I copied the BONE_DRV.exe from my working PC just in case I had a corrupted file.

Must be something simple… (not enough RAM??)