Minutes from 11/16/2010 BeagleBoard Linux Education Project (BLEP)

For those interested, this initiative is for a kit (made up of software, hardware, and documentation) to help introduce young people to embedded Linux through association with the BeagleBoard. It is a follow-on to the successful Google Summer of Code, Embedded Systems Conference Build-your-own-embedded-systems classes, and current Univ. of Texas Challenge. More information can be found at http://beagleboard.org/linux_education Please feel free to join us or contribute your thoughts.

These are just the raw notes I took from the last meeting. I will continue to set up the call at 8:30am Tuesdays for the next couple of weeks while Jason is on vacation, and he will take over when he returns.

Gerald Coley
Jason Kridner
Mike Fontes, MRI Instruments
Jeff Osier-Mixon

dependencies on the procedure

discussion of the book

gerald - bring people up to a baseline


mark yoder
wrong info

mike fontes joined 8:54

jk: new links from page, presentation & gitorious presentation
picked a collaboration method

“hardware hello world”

toggle led - easy
toggle led qt - hello world for qt, now can create guis that interact with hw
toggle led js - needs work, hello world for node, easy to create a web server with
matrix command shell - creates a stream interface, just talks to cat
webos architecture

jo:how many labs total?
jk:don’t know

review with each other
send patches to list
accept forks & pull requests
mike has offered to help

g: everyone starting from different point

jk: start with quick success
pulse audio occupies alsa interface

gc: need a course on how to learn
techniques - looking for wikis
ned t be a sleuth
how to use google
lot of good info, but disorganized

mf: right, way to direct people toward more places to look
spend a lot of time looking to see what people are recommending
to understand big picture

jk: disc inside ti on training
how do I put all that software on my own platform
bb, cb, hb - walk through exercise of taking ti gen sw
1 day lab
look at git history, look at patches - bootstrap

gc: have to make learning fun, otherwise blowing hot air

jk: definitely something to do around git
getting steps down to get working code running
then building working code
then adding patches to make non-working code work

mf: work with small group?
not daunting, but not sure how to start

jk: tried to do this in bootloader class at esc
apply patches to clone of mainline u-boot tree, build
u-boot tough to bite at first

mf: bring order to whole process

jk: boot process critical to understand
easy to get people wrapped around axle

mf: some of us are stubborn, have to look several times

gc: people learn using different methods

jk: have to target people who can do it themselves

mf: sometimes thoughts catch up a day later

jk: need progress on task list, lab code
deadline to req resources next year
trying to include in annual plan for next year
these calls pretty good at giving jk idea about what we can do around linux eduction

to do a proper target system, going to have build infrastructure

linux kernel
gc: have to teach people that yes, it is, and you are awake

action item:
j - start mailing list
someone not under employ of TI to put together a card image, runs diag tests, includes source to be gpl compliant
lack of gadget ethernet driver, usbpower kernel panics
jk would rather be a contributor
ti distributing gplv3 software is an issue