Missing CAD model for BB AI-64

Looking for the 3D cad model for the Beaglebone Ai-64, but not seeing anything on the gitlab page.

Does anyone have a .STEP file for this board or the ability to generate one?

Thanks in advance!


This is extremely useful at the time of building appliances out of the computer. !

I may suggest (in my ignorance on the subject) to try to hire a Google Summer of Code intern in Mechanical Engineering to do the model in a 3d cad. In FreeCAD would be the optimum but it is and extra. With a 3D scanning device it may be possible to have decent starting point in short time.

@jkridner didn’t we have a CAD model export done at some point from Cadence?



Here is a 3D Model exported from a trial Version of Cadence
BeagleBone_AI-64_Rev_B1_PCB_220602.stp (1.2 MB)


Awesome! I’m still looking at adding the model for the heatsink. I had it at one point, but misplaced it. We’ve been working on a robotics project that uses the board and a new robotics cape. I know Seeed created a 3D model was created for that and I’m asking them about cleaning it up slightly and releasing.


without diminishing the work of anybody, this is a great starting point, but definitely needs improvements to be useful. [0] the heat dissipator, it is big, it must be there [1] holes and their size are fundamentals, first, the ones for fixing the machine to something else. for nuts and bolts [2] (other kind of “holes”) plugs, those should appear as plugs, GPIO headers, Serial, Ethernet etc. must be recognizable sockets, possibly standard parts taken from existing models. So, if there is some student around this a real and community useful project of 3D modelling a new computer ! :slight_smile:

Did any one went ahead and built a case for this mode ?

Its a good starting pointing, it appears the critical mounting holes are located. You can just bring that into Solidworks and then create an assembly to add the heatsink.


Sorry for the delay…