Missing ports and componants, need clarification and info to turn on.

Total Newbie here. Bought a BeagleBone Black Rev. B from ebay for $15. It is advertised on ebay as a BeagleBone Black.

While I waited for it to be delivered, I studied up on how to boot it up and access it, so I’m familiar with the process of getting it going.

First thing I noticed on the ebay pics is that the USB Ports are missing. OK, I dealt with broken USB ports on the Raspberry Pi and how to replace them. And the HDMI Port is missing too, as well as the power jack. The seller said that these BBBs were used for some network project and the ports were removed but they turned on by a different mean. The pic on the seller’s page has the ports missing but the chips on the board are there.

Got the BBB today. Missing are:

P3 (USB Host Port)
P1 (Power Port)
J1 pins (Serial Console?)
RT1 (Resistor?)
C34 (Capacitor)

P6 (HDMI Port)

Note: The Power Jack and the USB Port looks like it was never there - no solder on the board. Ans no solder on the “Battery points” either. Also, under the CPU it says “beaglebone” and not “beaglebone bone.”

Questions: How to turn this unit on and connect to my computer? Once I get past this, I can use it as a headless server using VNC and Console Terminal to access it.

Well, it looks like from the pictures those parts were removed. Sounds like somebody bought boards, modified them for their use, and decided to sell them. and the description seems to infer that.

Picture clearly shows the parts are not there. Might have been a good idea to compare it to the other pictures on Ebay to see what you were getting. I will say its functions are somewhat limited.

Condition: Used :
Seller Notes: “This is a used Beaglebone Black Rev B. removed from a control board, it’s been tested & is functioning”


They have a money back guarantee.


Thanks for the info, Gerald. I will keep it and see what I can do with it. In the least I am going get replacement USB ports and power ports and put them in. At the same time I ordered through another seller a “complete” Rev. B board for $30. They say that is Debian on it and not Angstrom, which is fine for me, I can always reflash the BBB to get Angstrom on it again.

Back to the first unit - I noticed about BBB being sold out there, under the name of “AntMiner”(?) and it too is in the same situation - lacking ports and other things. But this unit, the mission parts look like they were never there and the board redesigned at the factory to move the chips around. In my mind, I think somebody set up a bunch of headless servers with these things. If so, without power how does one turn these things on without a USB or Power Jack? Using the GPIO an option for power input? With the R-Pi’s it is back to power the unit from the GPIO because it is not regulated from there and one can blow out the board.

Again, any help from anyone is greatly appreciated.

Anyone has the right to build this board. That in no way infers that they know how to build it or even can support it. All the parts look in the right place, but it is not a Rev B.Looks more like a Rev C. Rev B was built using the AM3359 processor. It has the BeagleBone logo, but not the .org name, so not sure where they got the logos. So, I would advise buying boards from someone who knows what they are talking about, not just some scrap dealer.

Pads for the power jack are still there. Solder wires into it to power the board. It might even power up once.You cannot power a board via a GPIO pin, at least not for more than 5-6 seconds depending how big the flames are and how much smoke there is.


Hi Gerald,

I think he is asking if the board can be powered via the P9 header. Or is this not possible either ? Like insinuated in the image below.


I think he meant the header power pins rather than a GPIO pin.

With the R-Pi’s it is back to power the unit from the GPIO because it is not regulated from there and one can blow out the board.

I wouldn’t say it’s bad per se. Assuming ‘back’ was meant to be ‘bad’ I’d say that it would be bad to apply unregulated power through the expansion header. I guess the rpi foundation expects engineers to know this though, and supply voltage regulation on their ‘hats’. If power through the expansion header is required. As it would be lame in a ‘production environment’ to have to use the walwart to micro usb power adapters.

What I would do with this board to use it and power it, is use the power jack holes. Whether or not anyone else could do this, I cannot say. Then again, what I would do is only speculation on my part because I don’t think I would have bought this board…


jack holes. Whether or not anyone else could do > this, I cannot say. Then
again, what I would do is only speculation on my part because I don't think
I would have bought > this board..

I probably would too. It seems the easier path. I'd probably snip the
barrel jack off an acceptable power adapter, and either solder a screw down
terminal, if i could find one with the same pin spacing as the OEM barrel
jack. Or probably just solder the wired directly onto the board. Not like
the board is going to have much of, if any warranty . . .

But as Gerald said. I probably wouldn't have bought such a board to begin
with. $45 for a BBG or if you must have a BBB $55 really is not that much
to pay for such an awesome board.

So i asked the person selling these on ebay where he got them from.
They were in a product called KnCMiner a bitcoin mining computer
they had the connectors stripped off so they could stack them tight
it was just a cheap processor with ethernet to them.
they are available now because the company went bankrupt in may of this

he has 7 of them with all the connectors on them still

i suppose if you want a cheap BBB to mess with its cool
he has a 2 week return so no loss if they are defective.

Me i would prefer to just stick with the newer ones.