Hi to everybody.
I have found in internet the publication of the software for the protocol modbus.

I have the necessity to use the program installing him/it on a system BEAGLEBONE BLACK ARM 3359 Rev. A5C OS. Angstrom.
I have to plan the system the Slavic formalities with protocol Modbus TCP/IP to transfer the data acquired by the Beaglebone to a system HMI and to visualize them.

  • Beaglebone Slave ip door 502
  • HMI Master ip door 502
  • Connection Ethernet I register Modbus TCP/IP.

For my adversity I don’t know the language javascript with which is presumably developed.
I have tried to correct the found errors and currently others are visualized not from there.
Unfortunately the system doesn’t work!
Is someone able to lend me a hand?
In advance I thank any of good heart.
For me it is different time that I look for a solution, I am now to I exhaust him.