Modify Processes at Startup

Hi All,

I'm fairly new to Linux and the BB. Can anyone point me in the general
direction or to a tutorial about the Linux boot process? I'm trying to
get the BB to boot as quick as possible.

How do I eliminate certain processes from starting up automatically?
Such as Bluetooth, sound, clock sync, etc? I'm using a console version
and all I need to start-up is processes related to networking, ftp,
ffmpeg, and drivers for a web cam.


Search for tutorials with these keywords linux, init, inittab, rc, and
rc.d .

I did the Google thing for "linux inittab tutorial" and the results
looked good.

Hope that helps.



I've been reading some tutorials and they mention the commands:


however, neither of these seem to be found in my Angstrom distribution
so I'm having a hard time trying to remove some processes from
starting automatically.

I want to kill bluetooth for example from startup. I deleted all the
scripts from the /etc/rd.d# directories, however it is still starting

I'm really lost and not sure how to control what processes startup.