MonoXNA on Angstrom

Hello :slight_smile:
Recently, I'm developing beagleboard platform. Most of games in our
company is written using XNA. I need to run MonoXNA on Angstrom
distribution. I have searched on the internet for some information but
I found nothing:( Unfortunately, now no one wants to rewrite
applications for opengl;) So I guess the first step I need to take is
to cross compile MonoXNA using OE? I am counting for your help:)

Robert Malczyk


My reply will probably of little help, but I can say that your
first step should be to get OE and OpenGL ES 2.0 running on your
BeagleBoard. You can run OpenGL without X11 windowing system,
just like a game console :wink:
This is what I'm currently trying to do.
Then either you have to port your applications from XNA
to c/c++ or port XNA to the BeagleBoard yourself
(which will be no easy task).


Thanks for reply:)
Now I`m using angstrom with OpenGL ES and it seems to work very well,
at least test videos does:) Now I`m trying to make more complex
projects with OE, it`s not so simple though;)

I thin the best way to compile mono.xna is to use mono develpment. But
I have no idea how to force it to compile using arm-none-linux-gnueabi-
gxx:( Anyone have some ideas how to make it possible?

Which videos did you use?




If you're targetting angstrom, arm-non-linux-gnueabi is the wrong thing to use.

Paul, I used those pre built videos form Imagination. I cant remember
those names excatly but it was something like rotating skull, ring or
the pot:)
Koen, so what steps should I take to build monoXNA? Unfortunately I am
new in the whole Linux world, I dont want you to make it for me. I am
asking you to show me the correct way:)