More "Getting Started" resources

Greetings from a new member,

I just received a BeagleBone Black from Newark Element14 (one of the few places that seemed to have stock, ~ $53 + shipping). I looked at the internal Getting Started page and played with bonescript and the .js examples but really thought they were to high level and hid what was really going on. I would like to move on now and I was hoping for a link or two to a tutorial as I am new to Cloud9 and Linux. I am familiar with Unix, pSOS, Nucleus, FreeRTOS, and QP OSs, and C, C++, C#, VB, Tcl/Tk, and some assemblers and thought I could move over pretty easily with a little more introduction. My ultimate goal is to gain embedded Linux experience. My preferred languages would be C/C++ but I am quite willing to work with others (except I prefer not to use Python).

I have looked around but maybe I am missing it, so feel free to kick this old dog if I have. But I rather hope you can point me to a good link or two. It would also be useful to know if there are some resources that can be used offline for a week or so until I acquire a MiFi Jetpack.


Please have a look at "[beagleboard] Tutorial Suggestions thread in this group.

And also video series by Derek Molloy