Motor Cape and the Spec...Um?


I know this is older news here but the Motor Cape can handle 3A. So, w/ my motor, I was thinking I could get it cranking and moving w/ some good action.

Is the, and I know it is two L298 drivers, Motor Cape still in use w/ .dtbo files on current images, I know it is not, or is there an issue w/ buildin’ the DTBO around this Cape?

I just do not know what happened w/ this Cape specifically. I have one or two I wanted to rehash into some motor movement…

I mean…yes. I can use a L298 driver or another one but the Cape is fitted specifically for the older boards based around the am335x but has, and I am completely assuming right now, lost interest from users and “me.”

I type “me” there b/c I do not know how to manage a build into .dtbo currently w/ u-boot or w/ the DTS files for this particular Cape.


P.S. If you understand my concerns and would like to reply, I would like to hear what you say…

Also…why did the Motor Cape fall out of rotation for Capes being utilized in the DTS and why has no one picked it up w/ the current u-boot offerings? I am asking for me basically but I am sure others may want to use the Cape too.


So, I am missing something (extra circuitry) that would make me benefit from this Motor Cape.

If needed, I could use all GPIO to handle the Stepper at 12v 3A but I was thinking this Motor Cape, b/c of the type of driver, the input voltage, and four pins available for four pinned Bipolar Steppers, would allow me to use PWM w/ GPIO to handle the stepper.

I have read that using PWM at a low duty_cycle may give way to controlling steppers in general. This is not necessarily true in my way of handling the motor b/c of the Motor Cape usage…

I see on under the beaglebone-cookbook pages under motors, I can actually use four GPIO pins.

Can this Cape be used to control four GPIO pins instead of PWM and GPIO currently?