Motorola Droid Bionic Lapdock vs Atrix Lapdock

Has anyone tried to use a the Bionic Lapdock vice the Atrix Lapdock? If so, have you been successful? What did you do? Did you have any problems?


Atrix lapdock works fine with the latest image.

Assuming of course that you get the correct cable configuration.


The Bionic I purchased just for use with BBW, BBB, and RP has been nothing but problems. First, very hard to find mating female connector to the Micro Male HDMI connector on the back of the Bionic. Then, the only one I could find had to have all excess plastic housing cut away in order for it to fit next to the USB port. Second, door/cam mechanism that the Bionic connectors are mounted on is flaky at best, initially with intermittent connections to HDMI, and finally no connection at all. I can’t decide whether to send it back for repair or just tear it apart an replace the micro HDMI male with a standard female. I wouldn’t recommend it, from my experience at least, unless you want to hack it up to make it better.