Mounting a SD card for storage

used the latest Debian image on this site,flashed my dmmc, and I noticed my SD card doest mount (I use a blank one for storage).

I look under /media and I don’t see it (nothing shows).

I have the uEnv.txt file on my sd card. is this a know issue, or should I look for something else?

It's not setup to automatically mount the other microSD card.

Just add it to /etc/fstab

/dev/mmcblk0p1 /media/microsd auto defaults 0 0


That seems to hang up my beablebone on boot if I add to my stab

The ethernet never comes up to ssh into. Even without a SD card, after I add that, it never connects to the ethernet after boot.

Well... Serial boot log?

Or we can keep playing the guessing game...


I just wanted to close this out as resolved. I believe the hanging had to do with enabling the audio cape (when I removed that from the uEnv.txt it worked fine). I do appreciate the help and insight.
I didn’t mean to play a guessing game. I dont have a serial connection, or was aware of a serial log. I under estimated what all one has to learn about to just get setup to write the program one wants to do (linux admin, etc). I have spent hours searching and such, but apparently I need to do more.

Anyway, I have it working using the information you provided. It was helpful, and I appreciate it.