much value in BB-xM anymore?

currently culling all my eval boards, and i have a BB-xM (rev C) i
haven't even looked at in over a year. given that the current BB Black
is enough to keep me plenty busy, and with the upcoming BB-X15, is
there much value in a BB-xM strictly from a playing around point of
view, educationally speaking?

  the one thing about it that *is* nice is the JTAG header for
experimenting with JTAG debugging, but beyond that, does it bring
anything to the table i don't/won't already have with newer dev kits?
(off topic, i can ask the same thing about my pandaboard ES, which
also has sat unused in a drawer for quite some time.)

  anyway, thoughts on the BB-xM?


I think the advantages you find are the EHCI USB host controller with hub and DSP. The DSP has some interesting binary loads, including some acceleration for depth-finding cameras. There’s also a good amount of documentation for use with tools like Matlab, but I believe that’s probably a bit beneath your personal experience level.

that sounds interesting enough that i might as well just hang onto
it ... not like it takes up a lot of space. now as to these *other* 17
eval boards ...


We are still making and shipping the BeagleBoard-XM.


Once the X15 is out I plan on building a “laptop” that has an X15, two BB-xMs, and an unknown number of BBW and BBB boards connected together in a Beauwolf cluster with a big touchscreen and multiple wireless adapters. It will be the replacement for my current Buzz Lightyear (Hack you to infinity and beyond) lunchbox with a BB-xM and 7" touchscreen.