Multimedia MPEG2-2 Decode and other graphics apps do not output using "Matrix App Launcher p1" ?

When I press Run for applications I expect to see graphics output such as Multimedia MPEG2-2 Decode, OpenGL Vase, or QT 2D Graphics Moving Blocks it pauses for a couple of seconds but I see no graphics being output? I am a newbie. Any feedback on what I may be missing is much appreciated. What I have done:

  • I downloaded the final SD card image from the 2011 Boston Embedded Systems Conference.


  • Using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS I copied to an 8GB microSD in a USB flash reader/writer

  • sudo dd if=esc-20110927-final.img of=/dev/sdb- BeagleBoard-xm is connected to a NEC MultiSync 1940CX ( 1280 x 1024 ) using the DVI input.

  • It looks like monitor is synced to 800x400 with Matrix Application Launcher p1 screen displayed

Also, in case anyone familiar with the Boston 2011 ESC image is reading this, can it be used to reproduce the impressive demo showing the DSP decoding a H.264 movie while rendering a webcam stream onto a rotating 3D cube and displaying streaming data from a Chronos ez430?

I am impressed by this little board. Thanks in advance for any direction.


I am using the HDMI output connected to 1280 x 1024 DVI display.

Is an display with resolution of 1920 x 1080 HD required to run Matrix App Launcher graphics apps such as OpenGL Vase? Or is the s-video output what I should be using instead of the HDMI?



I assume this is the root cause but I do not know the solution. If I open terminal and run an SGX demo I see:

InitAPI failed!
PVRShell: Unable to initialize EGL

The latest clues from my boot up terminal. Any advice or direction please?

Starting internet superserver: xinetd.

  • Starting Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Daemon: avahi-daemon
    [ ok ]s 973 died: No such process; trying to remove PID file. (/var/run/avahi-daemon//pid)
    Starting Network connection manager daemon: NetworkManager.
    Loading kernel modules for gstreamer-ti…
    Running /usr/share/ti/gst/omap3530/loadmodules.shFATAL: Module cmemk not found.
    FATAL: Module dsplinkk not found.
    FATAL: Module lpm_omap3530 not found.
    FATAL: Module sdmak not found.
    Starting PVR
    [ 29.023315] smsc95xx 1-2.1:1.0: eth0: link up, 100Mbps, full-duplex, lpa 0xCDE1
    Usage: insmod filename [args]
    FATAL: Module omaplfb not found.
    FATAL: Module bufferclass_ti not found.
    mknod: missing operand after 0'** **Try mknod --help’ for more information.
    chmod: cannot access `/dev/pvrsrvkm’: No such file or directory
    Loading [g_file_storage]