Multiple VL53L0X sensor communicate with BeagleBone Black using c language

Aim: Read Data From Four VL53L0X (TOF) sensor using I2C2(P9_19, P9_20) using c language on BeagleBone Black Board.

I got the data from single VL53L0X sensor data. when this thing I implement with a four-VL53L0X sensor then issues are generated. because all Four Vl53L0X have same I2C_Slave_address = 0x29.

so need to change with help of VL53L0X available two pins for that is 1)GPIO: use as output interrupts from the sensor, 2) XSHUT: is Active-low ShutDown Input Pin.

As above need to work with interruptions. Is the issue which I try to solve.

SO my query is:

  1. how to set I2C Slave device address.
  2. how to read GPIO interrupts in BBB.
    Or another way to get Multiple VL53L0X (TOF) sensor data.

I use this sensor. :Buy VL53L0X Distance Sensor TOF Sensor Module In India |

Thank you.


I believe this can help changing the address:

or this one:

By my readings, you just can change the address on boot and it’s not permament, on every boot you has to change the address again,

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Thank you For Answer.

Is all about CPP. But I need it in the c source file.

Thank You.