MUX Pin Number description error


I’m a little confused by the pin descriptions used in mach-omap2/mux.c. Looking at the OMAP3530, I can see how I2C1_SCL is available on pin K21, so K21_34XX_I2C1_SCL makes sense. J21_34XX_I2C1_SDA through AE26_34XX_I2C4_SDA all look correct. However, USB1HS_PHY_CLK is available on pin AE10, not pin Y8 as Y8_3430_USB1HS_PHY_CLK might suggest. Similarly, any pin name with 3430 have incorrect pin numbers and any pin name with 34XX have correct pin numbers.

Also, why are some pins such as Y8_3430_USB1HS_PHY_CLK declared twice, one as mode3 and one as mode6?