My BBB doesn't turn on when connecting usb

Hello, I used my beaglebone black for a while with usb power. Once I decide to test it with battery and switched it on with a Li-Ion battery and it switched on.But after that when I connect usb to board it doesn’t power up and led power blinks! and to run board I first should connect battery to it and it powers up and then I disconnect battery and it continues to run without battery and through usb! How can I solve this problem so that it can run without need to connect battery!?

No one to reply??!!

The flashing LED indicates that the PMIC is shutting down due to a excess amount of current on power up. Sitting here, I can’t recommend a fix as I would need to look at the board to understand the issue. This is not an issue I have run into before.

You could try running it off the DC jack and see what happens there.


The same happens when connecting DC jack! I must switch on the board by using battery and then disconnect battery to run with usb or adapter power!

OK! So, something has to be repaired on the board! You need to get it repaired!