My BBB project: Podtique

I wanted to give a huge thanks to people on this list for all their help as I scrambled to finish a gift in December. Thanks especially to Robert Nelson for all your help getting various bits all working together, and to Yona Appletree for last-minute mods to his LEDscape fork.

This is Podtique, an antique radio converted to play MP3 playlists by "tuning" to their frequencies:

Thanks all, and Happy New Year!

AH, at first look I thought, maybe you built a low power transmitter, to “broadcast” podcasts for any nearby radio to tune in. WIll continue reading the blog later though :wink:

Nope, it's currently entirely self-contained. Eventually it will fetch content over Wi-Fi, even play streams live, but there are no actual radio components in there.

Yep, like William said, node.js for the web server part and a decent WiFi adapter.

Cool project, great wood work!


More specifically, Nodejs + Express + Perfect for a “web appliance”