My beagle board has gone...


I followed some web pages...
But my beagle board is not alive..
Actually, I can't remember last command.
The thing to excute last last command is "nand erase 0 80000 then
reboot" (this is instruction in web page.)

I tried to use pserial & ukermit, mmc, usb..
And I followed

but It can't download and connect..

After power on & connect with minicom, I push the reset button. Then I
can see only trash character.
like that....�t�t�t�t

anybody know how to recover the beagle board?


Yes, you definitely removed its brain. I would follow the process described on the Rev C validation site to recover the NAND. This is the process that is used to flash the board at the factory…


thank you for your reply..

(My beagle board is Rev B5.)

Actually I tried to do already. but before booting, I always reset.
(recovery took some time. so i thought recovery didn't work.)

now my beagle board is work correctly..

Thank you very much, Gerald.