My Beagleboard freezed while running iperf application

Hi All,

I am using a Beagleboard-RevC4 with WinCE 6.0 R3 OS to test my
ethernet driver performance using iperf application.

I am facing a problem on Beagleboard while running the iperf tests.
iperf is basically used for measuring maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth

My beagleboard gets freezed while running the iperf tests. Few times
iperf works ok but when i repeatedly run iperf test then beagleboard
gets completely hanged. Only resetting the Beagleboard solves the

Although I ran similar iperf tests on a CEPC test machine and never
see such problem on CEPC.

Have anyone faced such problem on Beagleboard?

My test setup is fine and is like this

1. WinCE 6.0 R3 image is running on Beaglebaord which has my ethernet
driver as well as a ethernet driver for USB 3-Port Ethernet Hub.
2. USB 3-Port Ethernet Hub is connected with the Beagleboard C4
3. My Ethernet device has loopback capability and is connected with
one of the port of USB 3-Port Ethernet Hub

I am running iperf from a separate Windows machine to send packets to
my device connected with the beagleboard.

If anyone has any idea then please share it with me.

Thanks for any kind of help..