My first BBB

I bought my first BBB and I don’t have any experience with linux. I don´t have any overview of the angstrom packages. I have a problem with “opkg” command, it is sometimes OK, but I often receive error " opkg_conf_load: Could not lock /var/lib/opkg/lock: Resource temporarily unavailable."

Next problem: I want try comunication with my computer. I installed pl2303 package and I connected USB-to RS232 convertor, but I don´t see any ttyUSB device.

And finally I need find some GUI package manager, GUI media player.

Do you have idea?
Thank you for your response, Lukas

If you are new to Linux, but want to play with the BBB, I would recommend just following the Getting Started page to get going, and then use cloud9 (as introduced once you can browse to the board) for any programming of the board.

I wouldn’t mess with the packages until you get more experience with Linux.