My first bitbake recipe - help needed, especially with dependencies


I am trying to create my first bitbake recipe, since manually buildung
the stuff with the codesourcery toolchain becomes much too complex
with an increasing amount of used libraries.

My programm needs some libraries to work:
and the fft within ffmpeg (avcodec, avcore, avformat and avutil)

How do I tell bitbake correctly that I need this libs and that those
libs shall be linked dynamically to my programm?

Until I started using ffmpegs FFT, it was possible to unpack the
alsalib ipk file and to pass the path to the codesourcery compiler.
This doesn't work with ffmpeg anymore. (Far too many dependencies) -
So I think using bitbake should help me, as it takes care of the

Can someone please show me, how to put these dependencies into a
(I don't use autotools)

Thank you in advance,

Sven Wilksen