my notes on barebox for the beagle xM (and panda ES)

since i'd like to start using barebox on a regular basis for my dev
kits, i started a number of wiki pages:

  it's fairly easy to build, install and boot to barebox on an xM, as
you can see there. if anyone has time over the next few days to
finish the process and boot to linux, feel free and let me know and
i'll write it up and add it.

  and if there are any additional barebox topics i should cover, let
me know and i'll get to them ASAP. feedback. give me feedback. :slight_smile:


one thing i started to document (as you can see there) was the
order of initcalls as barebox came to life, since that's a fairly
educational bit of output:

  i just cut and pasted the initcalls for the initial MLO, and that
was long enough, so i just passed on doing the same for barebox
itself but i still listed them.



Are you interested in having bone instructions?

The next branch boots a minimal seemingly working config (although I've
not used it in anger yet) [1]. The patches supporting am335x went to
the barebox list very recently.



added, halfway down: