MySQL and Wear Leveling on SD Cards

I think we are having SD card failures in the field. We are waiting for them to come back for inspection.

In the meantime, I’m doing some investigation…

I read the “SD Card Corruption on Read Only File System” post and while it had a lot of good information, it did not answer a basic question…

Is wear leveling utilized with MySQL on SD (and FLASH memory). I suspect that it is not, in that wear leveling continues to write new and updated FILES sequentially on the disk. As I understand it, MySQL does not write a whole new file. If so, wear leveling will not be used for MySQL files. Can you confirm or deny this.

Also, what is the write cycle lifetime of the on-chip memory for the Beagle Bone Black? It would be interesting to compare it to the SD card.



What filesystem are you using on your sd card?