name resolution failed BBB wireless

I am trying to setup my beaglebone black wireless for accessing my pc(windows-7) internet using usb-ethernet. Below is the steps i have performed
1.) add dns server in file edit /etc/network/interfaces
2.) add default gateway [i have to do this every time beaglebone is reset/restarted or power cycled]
sudo route add default gateway
3.) on pc side, the linux-rndis has following settings;
ipv4 -
sub -
dns -
4.) update date and time

Now, when trying to ping i get "temporary failure in name resolution"

I am using bone-debian-9.5-lxqt-armhf-2018-10-07-4gb.img.xz

I think you messed up in step 1.

/etc/resolv.conf should contain at least one line in the form :


In order to separate the different components for debugging, recommend you try ping and see if that works, first.