NAND flash Intrface to GPMC(OMAP3530)

Dear all,

We are designing customized prototype with OMAP 3530 Processor and planing to select NAND Flash of Part number MT29F16G16ADBCAH4-IT from Micron Technology for interfacing to GPMC.

some of the feature are . . .

  • Page size x16: 2160 words (2048 + 112 words)

  • Block size: 64 pages (256K + 14K bytes)

  • Device size: 16Gb: 8192 blocks

  • operating Voltage 1.8V

  • 63-ball VFBGA package etc…

My question are …

  1. From OMAP3530 TRM doc, the section NAND (Page Number 3397) shows that " Small page size (512 bytes + 16 bytes) and large page size (2048 bytes + 64 bytes)" but the selected data sheet shows “Page size x16: 2160 words (2048 + 112 words)”. the OMAP 3530 will support this kind of NAND flash for Booting ?

  2. From OAMP 3530 TRM doc, the section Initialization and NAND Detection (Page Number 3399) shows the supported NAND flash devices ID’s. Is it mandatory that to follow the same device id ? because am not getting exact Device id NAND flash.

  3. The final requirement of NAND flash is 32 Gb, how to interface two NAND flash’s of size 16Gb to GPMC?

Kindly Please help…

Thanks and Regards

N Reddy

This question is better for the TI E2E forums.


There is no problem to wire up this nand to omap in hw terms, but it can be possible to have sw issues