Narcissus-built Image Problems

Hey all.
UsingNarcissus earlier today, I built an image containing mono, the on-target SDK and a few other packages. I selected OMAP-SD image and was able to download the resulting img.gz file. On following the instructions on the Circuitco Wiki, I was rather surprised to find the boot partition empty. After googling this a bit, I came to learn that I needed to copy MLO, uImage and uboot.img from the /boot directory in the second (rootfs) partition.
Connecting it up, the board appeared to boot fine, only emitting about two or three messages before getting to the Angstrom login screen. On entering 'root' as the username, the beaglebone seems to just hang. When I reset it and AtteMpted to login once more, this time I got the last login time line, but still no shell prompt. The leds are blinking away but no further progress on the shell front. Could someone please point me off in the right direction? The image shipped with kernel version 3.2.34. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!