Native Boost compilation on the Beaglebone


I am using Robert Nelsons Kernel and Gentoo.

I am trying to compile boost for my beaglebone and in one of
the last steps it fails -- probably due to too less memory...

I already have disabled X11 and friends...

Beside streamlining the kernel ittself: What can I do to minimize
memory usage by other process _or_ does someone know the mega hyper
trick to get boost compiled on the beaglebone?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!
Best regards,

This solution can be slow, but why not give your Bone 256/512MB of swap space with a USB mass storage device ?

BTW. You mention in the last steps. What is the exact output when it fails ?

We known C++ compiling is a memory hog but it could be informative if it fails at compile or linking time.

I cannot imagine what would be to compile QT or ACE on the Bone :slight_smile:

You may consider cross-compiling the library from a Linux machine . You could follow this link on how to cross-compile the library