Need a clue to solve an OSSIE / Boost inconsistency under Angstrom

I'm attempting to cross-build OSSIE for the BeagleBoard using the
Bitbake build system. I've successfully built the Angstrom x11-image
(local.conf lists DISTRO = "angstrom-2008.1") on my cross-build system
(running Debian Lenny updated a week ago), so I trust the basic sanity
of my OE toolchain and the basic Angstrom build.

I've followed the instructions at "Getting started with Embedded
SDR" (, with adaptations that seem
reasonable for the latest bitbake, mainly replacing ${OEDIR} with $
notice those instructions date from 2008, so there may be something
else obsolete I'm doing...) I have also compared them to the Overo
build instructions there, and I don't see any obvious

The OSSIE version I'm getting from the SVN repo at is, tagged
as ossie-cf-0.0.0+svnr380-r2.

When I try to bitbake a console-image with the OSSIE collection
included, I get an error compiling the OSSIE CF, which seems to be an
incompatibility with the Boost package, version 1_36_0, that is pulled
in by bitbake. The error is listed below:

FileSystem_impl.cpp: In member function 'virtual void
FileSystem_impl::remove(const char*)':
FileSystem_impl.cpp:95: error: void value not ignored as it ought to
FileSystem_impl.cpp: In member function 'virtual
CF::FileSystem::FileInformationSequence* FileSystem_impl::list(const
FileSystem_impl.cpp:168: error: 'class
std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >,
boost::filesystem::path_traits> >' has no member named 'leaf'

There's a post on Nabble (
code-breaks-on-1.36-td19002108.html) that mentions a very similar
error, suggesting that Boost 1.36.0 broke compatibility with older
revs in regard to the filesystem.

All of this speaks to me of a version incompatibility between the
copies of OSSIE and Boost I'm using; either I'm following an outdated
set of instructions and fetching an old version of OSSIE from the
wrong place, or there's a setting I've neglected to tweak. The current
OSSIE version appears to be 0.8.0, but I'm not familiar enough with
OSSIE and bitbake to easily repackage the latest version into a
bitbake recipe (though it may come to that).

Can anyone who has recently built OSSIE, perhaps even for the
BeagleBoard, suggest where I may be going wrong here? I've got the
build logs if necessary, but in the interests of brevity I won't just
paste them all in here...

Thanks, Steve N1XNX

Are you building against the stable branch of OE? I'm the opensdr guy,
so I suppose I should read my own instructions :slight_smile:

I'm pretty sure it will build against .dev, but as you note, there has
not been much activity on this.


I'm building the stable/2009 branch (I'm following the build
instructions at;
I generally try to steer clear of dev branches, as they are reputed to
have bleeding-edge problems in addition to bleeding-edge features. I
can certainly set up for the dev branch and try that. It'll take a few
days to get the free time to do it...

Ultimately, I'd like to be able to get OSSIE to be able to load
waveform components onto the DSP core using DSPlink; coupled with the
fact that the DSP has access to the McBSPs, this could make a very
capable SDR. Gotta crawl first, though.

Thanks, Steve