need basic instructions

I am a computer engineering student, but I don’t have much experience in the embedded programming which I really want to learn. I have only experience programming assembly with MCU 8051 and MCU 68000. Now I would like to know how to program with embedded system. I have some knowledge with Linux, and C/C++ programming. I bought the BeagleBoard to learn embedded programming. But now I don’t know where I should start.
Could anyone have patient to tell me how to do it? For example, I would like to write “Hello World” to LCD monitor.
Any answer will be highly appreciated.
Thang Nguyen

Do you have a serial connection to the board setup? Are you getting
to the "OMAP3 #" prompt?

Below are some selected/modified instructions from running the board
diagnostics (

1) If so, I suggest you copy the following two files onto an SD Card
from your PC:

2) Eject the SD card from your PC and insert it into the Beagle Board.

3) Using the serial connection, give the following commands to your
Beagle Board at the "OMAP3 #" prompt:
* OMAP3 # setenv bootcmd 'mmcinit;fatload mmc 0
0x80300000 uImage_OTG;fatload mmc 0 0x81600000 rd-ext2-8M.bin;bootm
* OMAP3 # setenv bootargs console=ttyS2,115200n8
ramdisk_size=8192 root=/dev/ram0 rw rootfstype=ext2
initrd=0x81600000,8M nohz=0ff
* OMAP3 # run bootcmd

The above instructions tell the boot-loader running on your board to
load the Linux kernel and root file system images into RAM from the SD
card then to boot using those images in memory.

4) Press <ENTER> when the boot completes to get to a Linux prompt.

5) To send text to the LCD monitor, use the Linux 'echo' command.
$ echo "Hello World" > /dev/tty0

6) You can use the Code Sourcery compiler (
gnu_toolchains/arm/portal/release313) to build new applications for
your Beagle Board. When using STDOUT, as is typical of text-based C
programs, the output will go to the STDOUT used in the shell where the
program was invoked. If you invoke the program from the serial
prompt, STDOUT will go to the serial port. To get to a nice GUI and
prompt using a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, I suggest you utilize one
of the Linux distributions targeting the Beagle Board (http://


Thank you so much for your helpful instructions.

Best regards,

Thang Nguyen

I tried to boot the BeagleBoard from SD card but I still cannot success.
I follow this instruction:

I did format the SD Card and copy the file MLO_revb first then u-boot.bin into the SD Card. But the board still boot with NAND.

Could you please tell me what did I miss?

Thank you,

did you rename MLO revB to just MLO? I found the Beagleboard
diagnostics page to be very helpful at setting up for the first run on
the board, maybe you will find it helpful too.


There are some useful hints on the BeagleBoard FAQ

Thank you.
I uses Disk Management of Window then it works now.