Need help! Half bricked BBB after flashing the eMMC

Dear all,

This is my first time working with embedded linux, I really hope that someone could help to resolve the issue so that I can continue on my robot project and share with you guys soon.

After flashing the eMMC with the following instruction and image,

my board becomes half bricked. The flashing process appeared to be proceeded properly (All four user LED light solid after the operation), but some error message appear from the serial SSH.

Afterwards, the board can’t be booted up properly both from eMMC nor SD card. The user LED blink properly at the first time after powering up, (the user LEDs light up one by one until all become solid, then all off within 5 seconds) but no more led blink nor heart beat blink is observed since then.)

I hooked to the terminal with serial port and observed the error message in the booting progress:

failed to scale voltage down -22ms


failed to read who-am-i register

Although I can still log into the terminal and run some command (cd, ls or cat), the internet access does not work.

I tired to boot with these images out of SD with almost the same result. (for ubuntu precise, it keeps prompting out “failed to scale down voltage -22ms” after logged in for around 1 minute.… (boot from SD)

Any idea of what’s going on?

Many thanks for your kindly help!

Sounds like the flash processes did not complete properly. Make sure there is no Ethernet plugged in and try the latest version of the SW. There were some fixes to the flasher included in the latest version.