Need help in JTAG debugging.

Hi All,

I am not able to connect the DSP of my Beagleboard to CCS4. Thought someone out there could provide some light. I am using CCS Version: and XDS510 USB PLUS. I have selected connection as ‘Spectrum Digital XDS510USB Emulator’ and Device as ‘OMAP3530_XDS510USB’.
After going through, I removed all the .gel files and then started “Debug Active Project” . It is still giving me error as


Error connecting to the target:

Error 0x80000244/-1178

Fatal Error during: Register, Initialization, OCS,

The target does not have a CPU clock.

As the DSP by default is in reset mode, I ignored this error and started the debug session.
Now, I can connect to the ARM side and can easily ‘Stop’ and ‘Run’ execution on ARM side.

To connect to the DSP side I went through and change the example code as mentioned. The changes, to my knowledge is removing the DSP from the reset mode.

With out executing the chaged program, if I try to connect to the DSP I am getting following error.

Error connecting to the target:

Error 0x80000244/-1178

Fatal Error during: Register, Initialization, OCS,

The target does not have a CPU clock.

And if I execute the changed program and then try to connect I am getting following errors.

Trouble Setting Breakpoint with the Action “Remain Halted” at 0x82802334:

Error 0x0000000A/-1202

Error during: Memory, Break Point,

CPU pipeline is stalled and the CPU is ‘not ready’. This means

that the CPU has performed an access which has not

completed, and the CPU is waiting. The target may need to be

reset. The user can choose ‘Yes’ to force the CPU to be ‘ready’.

When this is done, the user will have the ability to examine

the target memory and registers to determine the cause of the

CPU stall. If CPU hang is caused by application and it has been

forced to be ‘ready’, the CPU should not be run without a reset.

Yes - force CPU ready (might corrupt the code)

Disconnect - disconnect CCS so that it can be reset

Retry - attempt the command again

Again, if I execute lpmOFF followed by lpmON. Its connected. But as soon as I press the ‘Run’ and then 'Halt" CCS4 gives me following error message.

Trouble Halting Target CPU:
Error 0x00001024/-1137
Error during: Register, Execution, Target,

It appears that the target is being held in reset. This may be
due to Wait-In-Reset (WIR) configuration set by the EMU0=0
and EMU1=1 pin settings. If this is the case, DISCONNECT
all CONNECTED devices including icepick and then select
RETRY to clear the WIR configuration.

If this is a multi-core system, the master CPU may not be
releasing the DSP/MCU from reset. Please check your
configuration in CC_setup and/or your GEL file to ensure that
nothing is blocking the DSP/MCU from being released from reset

If I try to load program, I get following error message

Trouble Writing Memory Block at 0x82805a80 on Page 0 of Length 0x104:
Error 0x00000006/-1060
Error during: Memory, Register,
An unknown error prevented the emulator from accessing the processor
in a timely fashion.
It is recommended to RESET EMULATOR. This will disconnect each
target from the emulator. The targets should then be power cycled
or hard reset followed by an emureset and reconnect to each target.

I have been trying to resolve the issue, but have ended on wastage of many days, finally decided to take help. Anyone of your suggestion or pointer to my mistake or anything to resolve this issue would be of great help