Need help install rtl8812au driver ( TP-Link Archer T3U pulse) on BBB

From last week, I’m struggling to install driver for TP-Link Archer T3U pluse USB wifi dongle on BB- Black.
Because TP-Link Archer T3U pulse use Realtek 8812au chipset, I found so many linux driver on Github. Sadly, I knew almost of all github maintainers support x86, or Raspberry-pi and so on, they DON’T support for Beaglebone-Black (AM335x).
So, so many time, I tried installed driver using Raspberry-pi setting or Making driver, and also I’v changed kernel version and upgrade from 5.x to 6.x and distro images.
During the installation or Making, I didn’t conflict any error massages.
However, I can’t find “wlan0” even though lsusb shows my TP-lInk USB as shown blow.

" & Bus 001 Device 002: ID 2357:0138 TP-Link 802.11ac NIC"

I really really need help the correct installation for driver and set-up wifi.