Need help: /lib/ No such file or directory

I have Eclipse CDT and Linaro 7.3.1 installed on my Ubuntu x64 machine. Then, I install some other tools like QEMU and the different architectures for ARM after this guide:

Next, I follow this video to start a Hello World code:

The code builds without problem. However, it fails to run and complains:

/lib/ No such file or directory

I already link to the folder containing this file. Why is it giving this error? The video mentions that QEMU takes care of the problem. It doesnt seem to work for me. Please help.

I already check these topics, but they didn’t help:!searchin/beaglebone/|sort:date/beaglebone/DERNaZoWAXg/BF75_dOsnq8J!searchin/beaglebone/|sort:date/beaglebone/lDVOe33kmC0/lGKDQ6-Aa3oJ