need help with SD card image for Rev C5 Beagleboard

Hi gang, I finally have all the bits together to power up
my Beagleboard (purchased a few weeks ago from

The board is Rev. C5, but even if I were to treat it as C4,
things get really confusing in a hurry. Many of the
procedures for setting up an SD image are for Rev. C3
or earlier.

There are references to images/files on the website, but no explanation
of what these files are, or which files comprise the
disk image, or in what order. The files I find there
don't relate to any listed procedures for building an
SD card image.

I could use some guidance here... simpler is better as
I'm a rank newb with the Beagleboard.

Many thanks in advance.

/rafe bustin


I only just started last week and it does seem abit much to start off

It depends on where you want to start. Ubuntu has a very good page:

here you will find all that you need to get ubuntu up and running.

You can download an ubuntu demo image from the links on the page and
follow the auto install instructions.

I am not a guru on beagleboard but I can't see how a C5 image would
differ much from a C image. The worst case senario I can see happening
is the board simple will not boot. In that case try again.

An indication that your image is not working is the sd card lights are
not flashing after about 30 seconds. If the sd card lights are
flashing usually its a good indication that the board is booting the

but the instructions
are pretty easy and straight forward using

As for angstrom I haven't got there yet, but it seems fairly easy just
a few more commands.


From a software point of view, all beagleboards are the same