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I bought the beagle board recently. I have downloaded the pre-compiled binaries needed to run linux on omap board, and i’m successful doing that. Now, i want to develop some application using linux kernel, and i started looking for source code. I found out a lot of places that host the linux kernel and i’m a bit confused. So, can somebody help me out with a direct link that i can use to download the omap-linux kernel, and the corresponding tool chain that i can use to compile the linux kernel, I use UBUNTU system that runs on a intel P4 hardware with 1GB RAM.

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Kishore K

You can use crosstool to build a arm toolchain

You can use crosstool to build a arm toolchain

I recommend using Openembedded

It also eases the task of building userspace apps and the root filesystem.


Here's the README:

An already compiled toolchain is provided by CodeSourcery: